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Rita Reviews: Calm Water Gel from Dermalogica

Tackling redness and inflammation is always tricky; no product or treatment can give an instant and lasting result on a client's skin unless it is applied repeatedly for long periods of time. There never seems to be enough that can be done to help with sensitive or sensitised skin, and good products and homecare are essential, so when Dermalogica announced another moisturiser in their soothing UltraCalming arsenal, I couldn't help but be intrigued.

Clear Water Gel. Dermalogica describes it as a hydrating and soothing gel-to-water moisturiser, which creates a barrier again environmental assault.

Key Ingredients

  • Apple Fruit Extract and Glycerin to hydrate and soften

  • Cactus Pear Stem Extract soothing and binds water to the skin. Aids skin barrier

  • Dual Hyalouronic Acid technology that locks in moisture

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice to relieve irritation

Size: 30ml

RRP: £44

Uses: 86

My Thoughts

This is indeed a very moisturising formula- moreso than Barrier Repair. You only need a peasize amount to cover face and neck, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soothed.

Compared to Barrier Repair, Dermalogica's other soothing moisturiser, Calm Water Gel doesn't leave a silicone residue on the skin after application, which is great for those who do not like the 'primer' feel that comes with silicone.

Because of the sheer moisturising layer that this product leaves on the skin, I would personally recommend it to those who have dehydrated or dry skin, rather than oily.

This product can leave a sheen residue on the skin, but that can exacerbate already shiny skin. Barrier Repair does a better job as a mattifier than Calm Water Gel.

Furthermore, Calm Water Gel has a cooling effect which feels great on the skin- not something I have felt with Barrier Repair.

As I said before, a little can go a long way, so I would recommend applying sparingly and continously.


A great addition to the UltraCalming range, but definetly try and compare Calm Water Gel and Barrier Repair on your skin before deciding what feels better.

I'm excited to see what Dermalogica has in store for 2018, with new formulations on the horizons!



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