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BBC 1: The Truth About Looking Good

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

Did you watch "The truth about looking good" on BBC1 Wednesday night? If you did you'll have seen a big focus on what ingredients can really improve the appearance of skin (Retinol), and the only ingredient that can prevent premature skin ageing (SPF).

This is great for us as we always advocate wearing daily SPF all year round, and with 3 Retinol products in our AGE smart line - Consultant dermatologist Anjali Mahato said on the show, "Retinoids are the only ingredient shown to meaningfully reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation by boosting collagen production and improving skin cell turnover."

The programme also identified that consumers should look at percentages of Retinol in anti-ageing products to check that they contain at least 0.1% Retinol. More good news for us with our 0.5% & 1% strength formulas!

Just in case you haven't, so make sure you catch up on BBC iPlayer!…/b09…/the-truth-about-24-looking-good



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